IT for environments with high hygiene requirements

Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, hygiene is a top priority, from material processing to the filling and packaging of goods. All areas of the production facility must be spotlessly clean and free of any contamination. The entire production facility must be thoroughly cleaned daily, which includes extensive washing down with detergents and high pressure, as well as hot sprays to ensure disinfection of drug processing surfaces.

Case study
When a major drug manufacturer reconfigured their production line, they were looking for stainless steel panel PCs to serve as controllers for the machine production of their packaged drugs. These computers needed to be able to handle the hazards of the risky processing environments where dust, dirt and liquids must be removed daily from all equipment in the facility to prevent contamination.

Core products:
Winmate's low-profile 21.5-inch IP69K stainless steel W22IK3S-SPA369 P-CAP panel PC serves as HMI terminal for factory production line


Key challenges:

  • Corrosion-resistant housing made of SUS-316/ AISI-316 stainless steel with water- and dust-tightness to IP69K:
    The solution must be able to be cleaned and disinfected effortlessly on a daily basis, which means it must be corrosion-resistant, waterproof and dustproof to withstand high-pressure, short-distance, high-temperature cleaning. Additional wiring protection is required to keep connectors and cables waterproof.  
  • Projected-capacitive, multi-touch:
    The operator interface requires P-CAP technology to provide excellent response performance, even in extreme environments.
    This allows production workers to effortlessly operate the device with their fingers.
  • Multiple mounting options:
    The device with versatile, secure mounting options such as yoke mounting and VESA mounting is critical for installation in any industrial automation scenario and optimizes the functionality of the HMI terminal.


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IP69K stainless PPC, PCAP – discover 19''

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