Rugged tablets - unbeatably robust and put through their paces

Absolute reliability, user-oriented design and 100% industrial suitability - the proven Rugged Tablet M101 family stands for these standards. The M101S offers maximum performance with Intel's Core i5 CPU and the integrated high graphics performance. The fanless M101P with the Intel N4200 CPU is trimmed for absolute efficiency, which compared to its predecessor (Celeron N2930) achieves significantly more performance with lower power consumption at the same time.

Both tablets have the usual brilliant flat touchscreen, which is also easy to read outdoors and offers a high resolution. With the slim aluminum housing you get easy mobility in a robust tablet:


All information about the M101P

All information about the M101S


• All-round IP65 protection against dirt and water, the M101 tablets are ideal companions for outdoor use.

• The rubberized aluminum tablets withstand bumps and falls from 1.2 m in accordance with the MIL-810G standard.

• In addition to the 10.1 "PCAP Multi-Touch, the rugged tablets M101S and M101P are also available with resistive touch - ideal for glove operation.

• Features such as barcode and RFID scanners enable clever applications e.g. B. in logistics, production and warehouse.

• The efficient fanless model M101P with the Intel N4200 CPU offers 25% more performance than its predecessor with lower power consumption.

• Use GPS and cellular communication for smart automotive applications in field service and logistics.

• Different assembly and docking systems etc. a. for vehicles and forklifts are available.

• Expand the possibilities of your M101 tablets with accessories for charging, mounting, carrying, operating, recording, printing and connecting.