Stationary or vehicle-mounted: New, robust multi-touch HMI and display series

The elegantly designed, yet robust, industrial-quality GS series is designed for user-friendliness with a brilliant, flat screen that combines excellent readability and P-CAP technology (Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch) and in sizes 10.1 ", 12.1" and 15 "is available.

The heavy-duty HMI panels are available in various configurations. These robust systems with protection class IP65 against water and dust are equipped with IP65-compliant M12 screw connections and suitable adapter cables.

What does the IP65 degree of protection mean? The "6" means that the device is fully protected against dust (the highest possible degree of protection for solids). The second number indicates protection against liquids. The "5" means that the device is protected against splashing water from all directions.


Product highlights:

• The flat aluminum panel PCs and displays with an elegant edge-to-edge design are easy to clean and prevent water or liquid droplets from entering the device's openings.

• Systems mounted on vehicles and machines are greatly affected by vibrations and shocks. The GS series has been tested and protected in accordance with MIL-STD-810F / G.

• Three available display sizes of 10.1 ", 12.1" and 15 "as HMI panel PC (in the versions Windows / Celeron and Android / Cortex) or purely passive monitors enable a wealth of interesting applications.



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