Automation of pharmaceutical production

IT systems for environments with strict hygiene requirements

Hygiene is of the utmost importance, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. From material processing to filling and packaging, all environments in the production plant must be absolutely free of contamination. It must be possible to disinfect and clean the entire production plant every day – sometimes using high-pressure equipment.

We are proud that now, for example, a large pharmaceutical manufacturer is using WINMATE stainless steel panel PCs to control the pharmaceutical packaging when reconfiguring its production line. These stainless steel panel PCs are specifically designed for environments with the most stringent hygiene requirements – environments where dust, dirt and liquids must be cleaned daily from all machines in the plant to prevent contamination.


Why our products are at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Corrosion resistant SUS 316/ AISI 316 stainless steel enclosures with IP69K water, dust protection
  • Additional wiring protection
  • P-Cap technology to ensure excellent responsiveness even in extreme environments
  • Optimized functionality of HMI terminals
  • Multiple mounting options

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Product Highlights

Corrosion resistant SUS 316/ AISI 316 stainless steel housing with IP69K water, dust protection:

The unit is easy to clean and disinfect, meaning it is corrosion, water and dust protected to withstand high pressure and high temperature cleaning at close range. Additional wiring protection ensures that connectors and cables remain waterproof as well.

Multitouch projected capacitive touch:

P-Cap technology to ensure excellent responsiveness even in extreme environments. Finger operation by all production workers can be accomplished with ease.

Versatile mounting options:

Versatile, secure mounting options, such as yoke mount and VESA mount. Crucial for installation in all industrial automation scenarios and optimal for the functionality of the HMI terminal.


Versatile product specification options to meet all customer specific requirements.

Waterproof connectors with adapter cables for external connectivity.

Special Wi-Fi antenna customization.


Ensuring efficient process control from quality inspection to packaging to logistics and full traceability throughout the value chain.




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