DELIVERY IMMEDIATELY: High Performance in all Industrial PC Lines

The Intel Core-i CPUs of the 6th, 8th and 9th generation also offer plenty of power reserves for demanding industrial applications (e.g. image data acquisition) and are now ready for dispatch within 3 days in all of our industrial PC lines available.

Protech's industrial mainboards are long-term available and offer full support for Windows 10. An ideal setting for the 19-inch rack.



• The door in the robust aluminum front of our CL450x 19-inch industrial computer for rack mounting can be locked to prevent unauthorized access.

• The filter mat in front of the front fan can be easily exchanged in our ClassicLine CL450x 19-inch industrial PCs when the front door is open.

• Long-term available quality Made in Germany: ClassicLine industrial PC on 2U (88 mm) for the 19-inch rack with 7 slots (low profile) or as a wall-mountable box PC: full expandability with up to 7 slots and excellent cooling performance for demanding users Tasks.

• Inner values ​​and "soft skills": exact cable routing and fixing of all moving parts for optimum reliability of the industrial PC.

• Windows 7 Legacy Support: All systems with a Core-i CPU of the 6th generation support Windows 7 as well as Windows 10.


Discover Wallmount IPC for 895,- euros

Discover 19'' / 4U IPC for 995,- euros

Discover 19'' / 2U IPC for 1.195,- euros