Panel-PCs for the food industry

Packaging in the hygiene-intensive food industry


Application example

A company that packages bottles was looking for stainless steel panel PCs to serve as factory automation operator terminals to improve production efficiency while increasing operator safety. The company wanted several flat buttons and a large emergency stop button on the front to define the functions. The buttons connect directly to sensors for quick response when authorized user controls or emergencies are involved.


Core Products

Stainless steel B series push button panel PC (10.1"~21.5")

Main Challenges

  • Custom function keys
  • The front of the unit must have user-defined function keys and a large emergency stop button to make operation absolutely intuitive when an authorized user control or emergency situation arises. This way, too much time is not wasted navigating the HMI screens.
  • PCAP multi-touch display
  • The more responsive and user-friendly the HMI, the more efficient and cost-effective the work process. The implementation of PCAP technology contributes to excellent responsiveness, even in extreme environments, allowing workers to easily operate the display with their fingers.

Our product offers

  • User-defined function keys and a large emergency call button
  • PCAP touch panel with rotary switch for effortless touch mode selection
  • SUS316 stainless steel housing with IP65 protection rating