Full control: stainless steel panel PCs for the food and chemical industry

With the Stainless B series panel PCs, you enjoy the reliability of our stainless steel systems, which have been tried and tested for many years, with even more operating convenience:

Emergency stop and flat push-buttons integrated in the robust and corrosion-protected stainless steel housing bring control and signalling directly to the work area. Unnecessary hand movements or navigating through HMI screens are eliminated – work processes are improved and thus safer.

Your installation costs and wiring times are significantly reduced, because the connection to the equipment to be controlled is extremely simple. The signal lines on the back are IP65-protected and suitable cables are supplied.


• The 21.5" PCAP multi-touch with a completely flat front and no dirty edges is ideal for workplaces that have high hygienic requirements and are cleaned frequently.

• Interesting alternatives in various display sizes as well as a purely passive stainless steel monitor offer you more flexibility, e.g. in confined spaces.

• All interfaces are designed with IP65-protected M12 connections - also for the emergency stop button and the three front buttons. Suitable cables are included in the scope of delivery.

• The easy-to-grip rotary switch allows easy switching between different touch modes for hand, rain and glove operation. (Other assignments are possible as an option)

• Emergency stop and flat push-buttons bring control and signalling directly into the working area.

• Clever accessory: the inclinable stainless steel bracket for stable mounting.


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Configuration Stainless B-Series
Display:  15" / 19" / 21,5"
PCAP Multi-Touchscreen
CPU:  Intel® Celeron N2930 (4 × 1,83 GHz)
OS Support:  Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
RAM:  4-8 GB DDR3
Storage:  min. 128 GB SSD mSATA
WLAN:  optional
Interfaces:  1 × RJ-45, 1 × COM, 2 × USB,
CN1 + CN2 front button signal
Protection:  IP65 all-around
Material:  Stainless steel, brush finished
Mounting:  VESA mounting interface,
Support arm, stand, wall mounting