Industrial monitors in extreme environments

Visualization systems for extreme environments are subject to both high requirements in terms of optimal readability and exposure to adverse temperature ranges. Such LCD applications in the outdoor or rugged computing sector require highly efficient LCD panels with powerful LED backlights or heating elements controlled by thermostats and protective shutdowns. The industrial monitors reach temperature ranges from –20 ° C to + 60 ° C or up to 400% higher brightness of 1000 cd / m².

Whether as a display on roller doors in the logistics area, as a digital signage system for tourism or public areas, as an information terminal, POI or POS system - the high brightness monitors with strong backlight for better readability are the right solution for difficult lighting conditions. In the upper temperature range, the circuit protects against internal overheating. The power supply is switched off from + 65 ° C operating temperature in order to prevent damage to the components. If the temperature falls below + 55 ° C again, the system switches on again.

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Display and operating units in the vicinity of cold rooms or climatic chambers, in the food industry, the chemical industry or in the steel industry can easily be implemented on site - in the production process - with the wide temperature monitors. Temperature-sensitive sensors regulate an internal heating system: At low temperatures, the LCD panel is first preheated to + 4 ° C when it is switched on before it is activated. If the internal temperature falls below 7 ° C during operation, the heating may switch on again and prevents further cooling.

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