Slim, elegant and economically interesting: the new cost-efficient multi-touch HMI and display PT series

With the new PT series we are expanding the HMI product range with an economically interesting HMI and display solution. The multi-touch HMIs with a 15.6-inch screen meet the demand for larger screens, for example in building automation or for POI applications.

They are characterized by extremely low power consumption. With PoE (Power-over-Ethernet), both the data and the electrical power can be transmitted on request, which leads to a reduction in installation costs.

The slim, elegantly designed devices made of durable industrial plastic are, as usual, of high quality, long-term availability and offer protection from dust and water on the front.


The top advantages of the PT series:

• Absolutely flat front surface of the multi-touch screen: ideal for applications that place high demands on hygiene and attractive design

• Reliable HMIs with robust and elegant construction made of industrial plastic for VESA mounting on the rear

• Long-term availability and cost-effective: perfect for semi-industrial use, for example in the control room, or for economically viable mass use as a terminal at the point of sale and point of information

• The high hygiene standard is ideal, for example, in the medical sector

• Front IP65 protection against dust and moisture, even for harsh environments



Directly to the panel PCs of the new PT series

Directly to the displays of the new PT series



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