Vehicle Mount Computer – new low-cost systems for VESA mounting

Robust panel PCs and tablets for professional vehicle assembly

Systems for data acquisition and communication in vehicles must meet high requirements such as resistance to shock and vibration, IP65 protection, extended temperature range, wide-range voltage input, extensive accessories for securing, mounting, communication and much more.

The rugged and all-round protected Vehicle Mount Computers and Tablets are perfect for easy mounting in trucks, agricultural machinery, forklifts and vehicles of all kinds. The fanless systems with durable housing and wireless connectivity have everything that logistics and automotive require.

Possible applications include: Freight tracking, single item tracking in warehouses and production, load and cold chain monitoring, optimising material flow, streamlining the supply chain, scheduling and route planning, vehicle diagnostics and many more.



NEW: FM-V Series: Rugged Vehicle Mount Computer for secure VESA mounting



The absolutely robust and high-quality FM-V series offers full IP65 protection against dust and water, including the interfaces, and is resistant to shocks and vibrations.

The VESA interfaces on the rear allow you to mount the slim systems securely in all types of emergency vehicles with the help of the extensive range of accessories.

Different sizes of 10", 12" and 14" as well as performance classes with Intel Atom CPU, Core i5 or Qualcomm Snapdragon leave nothing to be desired.

In addition to the freely programmable function keys in the front, the PCAP touch screen is insensitive to dirt and deposits for reliable operating comfort.

Reliable data processing at extreme operating temperatures: frost and condensation-free operation in warehouses, cold chains and heavy-duty vehicles.


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FM Series: Rugged Tablets with Vehicle Mounted Docking Unit

The robust tablet PCs in 7", 10" and now also 12" are perfect for easy mounting in trucks, forklifts and vehicles of all kinds in combination with the robust docking unit. The fanless systems with robust housings have everything that logistics and automotive require:

The practical and very robust docking unit, resistance to shock and vibration, IP65 protection, extended temperature range, programmable function keys, wide-range voltage input, all conceivable communication interfaces, extensive accessories for securing and mounting (e.g. in a forklift) and much more.


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G-WIN / GS Series: Rugged Vehicle Mount Panel PC for secure VESA mounting


The flat aluminium panel PCs in elegant edge-to-edge design are easy to clean and prevent water and dirt from entering the housing. Vehicle-mounted systems are affected by vibrations and shocks. The G-WIN / GS series is tested and protected according to MIL-STD-810F/G.

The rugged systems with IP65 all-round protection against water and dust come with IP65-rated M12 screw connectors and matching adapter cables. Display sizes from 10.4" to 19" in various performance classes (Windows + Celeron or Android + Cortex) enable a wealth of interesting applications.


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