Best choice for the food industry: multi-touch panel PCs and LCDs in stainless steel

Perfect protection and perfect security.

The food industry has high hygienic requirements and demanding cleaning processes – a challenge for any IT hardware. Stainless steel systems from TL Electronic are an ideal choice here and are perfect for e.g. to control the processing of raw materials / ingredients, in the final packaging, or to ensure the quality and safety of the end product.

The housings made of stainless steel SUS 316 / AISI 316 are corrosion and liquid resistant. Type 316 steel is a chromium-nickel stainless steel that contains between two and three percent molybdenum. The molybdenum content increases corrosion resistance - even in chloride solutions – and increases strength at high temperatures. Perfect for frequent cleaning and aggressive disinfection.


  •     IP65 offers protection against water jets and is absolutely dustproof. You can choose between different display sizes from 10.4 "to 21.5".
  •     The highest degree of protection, IP69K, enables simple cleaning and sterilization with water at up to 80 ° C and a pressure of up to 30 bar.
  •     PCAP multi-touch screens with a completely flat front surface without dirty edges are ideal for high hygienic requirements and frequent cleaning.
  •     The robust stainless steel housing and all interfaces are fully protected. The matching connection cables are included.
  •     Emergency stop and flat buttons integrated in the robust and corrosion-protected stainless steel housing bring control and signaling directly into the work area.
  •     The handy rotary switch allows you to quickly switch between touch modes for hand, rain and glove operation (other assignment optional).



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