ControlLine Panel PCs - unsurpassed solid investment in the future

Robust. Durable. Efficient.

Use the perfect combination of robustness and flexibility: Our proven ControlLine Panel PC family in a robust aluminum housing is encapsulated up to protection class IP65. The protective housings made of powder-coated aluminum profiles have a modular structure and can be precisely adapted to your needs with an infinite number of options, modifications and extensions.

Investment in the future: If necessary, the Panel PC unit can be replaced by another - even with existing TL housings:


• The all-round protected systems are equipped with resistive touch - ideal for glove operation. PCAP touch or just protective glass are also possible.

• Mounting, stand and support arm systems as well as various input accessories for the robust control housing enable countless project applications.

• The internal structure of the control housing with intelligent ventilation of the panel PCs ensures maximum failure safety even in continuous operation.

• The ControlLine series is perfect for individual solutions, even in small quantities - e.g. For example: integrated front keyboards, customer-specific interfaces designed as required, individual designs and powder coatings, up to complete signal and control systems 100% project-specific.



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