Especially important now during the corona pandemic: tips for cleaning and disinfecting touchscreens

The corona crisis causes us all to rethink daily life and hygiene measures. From personal hygiene to disinfection and cleaning processes in companies. Now it is more important than ever to keep the environment clean and hygienic. The corona virus is not only transmitted from person to person, but also through contaminated surfaces or objects that are touched and spread the virus through hands to mouth, nose or eyes. Therefore touchscreens should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. We have put together some tips on the correct procedure for disinfecting your touch screens to avoid damage.
Disinfection instructions for touch screens, tablet PCs and PDAs from TL Electronic:

1. Before cleaning the product, make sure that the device is not running and is not connected to the power supply.
2. For mobile devices, make sure that all I / O covers are closed and the batteries are inserted.
3. We recommend using an industrial paper towel that is stable when wet and does not leave any fluff or paper residue.
4. Please use a spray bottle to apply the spray of the disinfectant solution in a fine layer. We recommend the use of 70% isopropyl alcohol for disinfection.
5. Avoid highly concentrated alcohol (more than 70%), undiluted bleach or ammonia solutions as these can cause discoloration.
6. Wear disposable silicone gloves and a face mask when disinfecting the devices. Don't forget to always wash your hands with soap and water before and after wearing gloves.
7. Spray the device from all sides and wipe the solution with the paper towel, especially on the edges and corners.
8. Leave the device at rest for half an hour so that alcohol residues can evaporate.
9. Please dispose of the face mask, the paper towels used and the gloves as medical waste.