Industrial communication – how to achieve higher productivity and efficiency in factories

We are experts in industrial automation solutions and understand the requirements of devices for complex, harsh and hygiene-intensive environments. Whether HMI, panel PC, IoT gateway or multi-touch tablet – we maximize manufacturing performance.

When it comes to industrial communications, IoT gateways and embedded computers are in focus. A complex factory infrastructure requires all devices to communicate with each other and send data over a network. Sensors that measure temperature, load, vibration and other parameters are connected to gateways to enable machine-to-machine communication. Right here, we offer numerous device options, many expansion modules with different I/O capabilities, and best wireless communication.

Whatever your goals are, TL Electronic will support you with the best advice and intelligent solution options. Whether it's increasing manufacturing efficiency, optimizing your bottom line, expanding through new channels, opening new locations, or maximizing customer retention ... talk to one of our experts to find the hardware that will best help you achieve your goals.



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