NEW with us: Powerful computers, especially for the navy

For over 25 years our partner Winmate has been a manufacturer of marine IPC, ECDIS panel PC and fleet displays for leading OEMs in the marine market, providing solutions for ECDIS, radar, automation and communication applications.

TL Electronic now distributes these certified computer solutions for navigation, surveillance and ship automation and is your qualified contact in Germany, Austria and Italy.

In the maritime sector, fast, reliable and durable technologies are of vital importance. Workstations and panel PCs in the marine industry are exposed to extreme environmental conditions such as temperature fluctuations, strong vibrations and water. We have marine products for you that feature industrial-grade design, undergo rigorous testing, and go beyond compliance with military standards to ensure safety and performance:


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The innovative marine panel PCs, displays and embedded computers provide power supply, connectivity for peripherals and the ability to control multiple electronic and mechanical commands simultaneously.

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Command control station for navigation and dashboard visualization.

Background: equip several modern navigation systems with panel PCs and HMIs. Challenge: different display sizes, precise brilliant visualization, comfortable user interface, projected capacitive touch, customized software, marine certified hardware. Core products: 10.4"-26" marine panel PCs, marine EAC box PCs.










Marine PC monitors in the bridge workstation.

Background: DNV-certified computers for ship automation as part of a ship bridge system. Challenge: Class B automatic identification system (AIS) and electronic charting system permanently updated via W-LAN. Core products: 15"-26" ECDIS panel PCs.









Efficient and reliable computers for the engine room.

Background: Control of the engine and monitoring of sensor data such as temperatures, pressure and fuel flow. Challenge: Marine-grade compact computers designed for harsh conditions, stable Bluetooth wireless connectivity, flexibility for customization. Core products: Marine panel PCs, marine EAC box PCs.


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