Rugged Tablet PCs: Elementary innovations from the Winmate research and development department

Rugged tablet PCs

For over 20 years, Winmate Inc. has been one of the world market leaders in the development of groundbreaking, robust industrial PCs, panel PCs, industrial monitors and mobile computing for industries with complex requirements. The company announces very interesting new products from its own research and development for the beginning of 2021. TL Electronic is Winmate partner for Germany, Austria and Italy and will shortly inform you which new devices will support the industries from 2021.

Research and development, production and in-house tests - the entire process is in one hand at Winmate. The Taiwanese company provides solid, secure and robust industrial IT that is always state-of-the-art.


Our customers appreciate this partnership:

  •     Enormous know-how about the requirements of the industries
  •     Bundling of competencies in the field of industrial IT
  •     Wide range of products
  •     Very fast product development cycles on the cutting edge
  •     Perfect price / performance ratio
  •     Long-term quality standards
  •     Ideally customizable products



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