Rugged tablets and PDAs for logistics, transport and delivery

When delivering directly to stores and customers, timing and accurate inventory tracking are critical to efficient operations. The ability to dispatch and track deliveries, capture real-time inventory data from multiple locations, and reroute deliveries within minutes is essential. To this end, we offer robust mobile computing solutions with integrated barcode readers, NFC or RFID readers that help speed up delivery service and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our range of mobile devices:

  •     Windows® and Android® Tablet/PDA
  •     Windows® and Android® VMC
  •     Accessories tailored to the application

Why our devices are at the forefront of transportation & delivery:

  •     Scanning of different barcode types
  •     Mobile working outdoors
  •     Rugged design
  •     Built-in data capture tools
  •     Hot-swappable battery




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