Winmate Named Top 30 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies of 2021 by The Silicon Valley Review

From Industrial to Medical-Grade Rugged Computing

Over the past 25 years, Winmate has specialized in the research, development, and production of rugged industrial computers in various markets. From automotive, petrochemical, warehouse and logistics, IoT, marine, aerospace, public safety, military, and healthcare industries. Based in Taiwan, Winmatehas offices and service centers in North America, Europe, and Asia to provide worldwide customers with product design and technical support services.

esides being certified by international quality systems including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO14001, Winmate's products are tested and passed the healthcare safety and IT specifications, including IEC 60601-1-2, 47 CFR Part 18, UL/cUL ANS1/AAMI ES60601-1, IEC 55022, etc. Committed as the world-leading supplier of Rugged IT equipment, Winmatehas also been awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award.


Win The Future of Healthcare

Early 2021, Winmate acquired a partnership for its medical-grade rugged tablet PCs from the leading medical device manufacturers in North America. These products are suitable for intelligent healthcare automation, such as in the fast-paced emergency rooms and precision-oriented operating rooms, thus providing solutions for home healthcare and nursing services to meet telecare demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, our latest 4K UHD medical-grade display is designed for medical imaging management systems in outpatient clinics, nursing stations, and standard healthcare systems in hospitals.

Winmate’s eco-friendly healthcare products provide convenient-to-use platforms and prolonged use for processing comprehensive health data of inter-hospital healthcare systems. Winmate also provides enterprises and system integrators with solutions covering integrated network technology, computing platforms, and customized healthcare and IT products.

With well-planned production processes, well-established quality control, and real-time quality problem reporting systems, Winmate guarantees the overall design, manufacture, and post-delivery service of its products. Thus ensuring that the healthcare products’ designs and manufactures meet the healthcare IT platform demands of customers. With accurate market positioning and customer-demand-oriented differentiated services, Winmate has successfully evolved from a simple manufacturer with R&D capacity into a competitive healthcare tablet solutions supplier.

COVID-19: The New Era of Healthcare Digitalization

With the rise of IoT, cloud computing, big data, and AI one after another in recent years, digital technology has swept across the globe to drive the digital transformation of all industries, and healthcare is no exception. Given the innovation trend of healthcare, under Chairperson Ken Lu’s leadership, Winmate is developing total digital solutions for healthcare in collaboration with leading US and European manufacturers. According to Lu, the status quo in the healthcare industry is no longer an option. In general, visiting a hospital is rarely a pleasant experience for most patients. Simplifying the administrative processes with medical-grade rugged tablet PCs can shorten patients’ waiting time and increase overall satisfaction. On top of that, by reducing tedious paper works through wireless data transfers, medical personnel can focus on caring, curing, and saving lives.


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