EL1191-AM embedded PC wins Taiwan Excellence Award 2023

The Excellence Award, established by the Foreign Trade Office of the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs, is considered a prestigious award in the field of product innovation even beyond Taiwan's borders. Only products that impress with their outstanding performance and innovative design are eligible for the award.

Beneath the robust housing of the black box, which at first glance appears inconspicuous, is a wealth of sophisticated edge computing technology. With connection options for four or more surveillance/assistance cameras, the new EL 1191-AM is predestined for continuous use in the vehicle cockpit - and thanks to E-Mark certification, it is even approved for public transport.

Powerful, flexible design

Considering the compact dimensions of only 26 x 7 x 18.5 cm (W x H x D) of the embedded PC manufactured exclusively by Protech, the model has an astonishing number of interfaces and slots: First and foremost are the dual SIM card layout and the two HDD trays that can be accessed without tools. The necessary computing power is provided by an 11th generation Core i5 Intel® CPU, which can alternatively be upgraded to Core i7 and a maximum of 32 GB RAM.

The extremely wide voltage range of 9 to 48 V/DC guarantees a reliable power supply in every common on-board network - with additional protection against high ignition voltages. Four cameras can be easily connected to each other via four LAN (or optionally POE) interfaces.
(e.g. a coach) can warn of objects in the blind spot, collisions or lane departure. Four COM and USB interfaces each, two HDMI ports and a quadruple digital in/out bus offer almost unlimited connectivity. The fanless design of the aluminium housing, which is equipped with numerous cooling fins, ensures that the unit runs in the moderate temperature range even under full load and functions fail-safe even at extreme outdoor temperatures of min. -40 °C to max. +70 °C. Taking into account the opulent equipment and outstanding performance described above, industry partner TL Electronic offers the latest model from its Embedded Line at a very balanced price/performance ratio - and, as usual, including 24-hour burn-in service and a 24-month warranty.


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