Ideal partner for an efficient, scalable and secure industrial IT solution.

We can recommend Winmate products without reservation. Because, as a partner, we have been helping to shape equipment development for decades and know the European industries and their requirements very well.

Winmate, a pioneer in the field of rugged computer technology, is now one of the TOP 3 players in industrial IT. No other IPC supplier has been able to achieve 100% growth within the last three years. This documents the first-class nature of Winmate products and the increasingly important question of who is the best partner when it comes to digitalisation and automation.

We have provided many leading companies with reliable, mobile, robust solutions designed for the most demanding industrial conditions worldwide. Are you looking for the ideal partner to implement excellent industrial IT in your company? Our experts will advise you in detail and present you with the options.



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Why customers decide for our Winmate products:

Most comprehensive range of rugged tablet solutions:
Our Rugged Tablet product line ranges from 4.3" to 13.3". Most comprehensive offering in the industry. We have customized solutions for all major applications.
Customer-oriented design philosophy and precisely defined products:
Many users can use our market-ready solutions immediately due to their clearly defined specifications. Our development philosophy is geared precisely to the needs of the end customer.
Ensuring the best touch module quality:
We understand the importance of touch module as it is the only human-machine interface (HMI) for tablets. Winmate touch module ensures high standards of touch sensitivity, light transmission and product durability.