The Ultra-Rugged Tablets of the M133 series from Winmate now received the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award. The jury was impressed by the groundbreaking, durable design and the ultimate functionality, which is perfect for applications in vehicle inspection and vehicle diagnostics, for example. The ultra-robust M133 series is characterized by high performance, extreme robustness and complete reliability under harsh industrial conditions. Would you like to know more about it? We advise you individually and comprehensively.
The Embedded PC DR2100-P was developed for practical installation on an industry-standard DIN rail TS 35. Fanless 4-core performance and an extensive range of interfaces qualify the slim industrial PC as a communication-friendly all-rounder in the control cabinet. We are there for you and advise you comprehensively on an individualized solution that exactly suits you.
The compact, long-term available rugged industrial tablets in a light metal housing with protective rubber coating were developed and built to perform mobile under adverse conditions. The brilliant PCAP multi-touchscreens can even be operated comfortably with gloves, in the rain or with a stylus pen thanks to the different touch modes. Various options and accessories for data acquisition, communication, docking, assembly, power supply, peripherals and transport open up countless areas of application. We are happy to help!

24/7 high performance: embedded systems

EmbeddedLine industrial PCs offer high-performance computing power in a versatile booksize format based on fanless Core-i architecture. The compact industrial PCs, designed to be robust and easy to maintain, stand for maximum versatility thanks to the large variety of interfaces and interesting options and are ideal for demanding industrial applications, including 24/7 continuous use, e.g. for system and machine control. The TL Electronic team is there for you to advise you individually. We look forward to you!

Industrial monitors in extreme environments

Visualization systems for extreme environments are subject to both high requirements in terms of optimal readability and exposure to adverse temperature ranges. Such LCD applications in the outdoor or rugged computing sector require highly efficient LCD panels with powerful LED backlights or thermostat-controlled heating elements and protective shutdowns. The industrial monitors achieve temperature ranges from –20 ° C to +60 ° C or a brightness of up to 400% higher of 1000 cd / m². Feel free to ask us – we will advise you comprehensively!
The mega trends Industry 4.0, IoT and Smart Factory are transforming the IT and software landscape at breathtaking speed - and smart, energy-efficient embedded systems such as IoT gateways, DIN rail Embedded PCs and modular box PCs are at the forefront.
Whatever the focus of your project – machine data acquisition, remote maintenance, predictive maintenance, mobile connectivity, cloud computing or kiosk applications – we support you with the perfect hardware.
The food industry has high hygienic requirements and demanding cleaning processes – a challenge for any IT hardware. Stainless steel systems from TL Electronic are an ideal choice here and are perfect for e.g. to control the processing of raw materials / ingredients, in the final packaging, or to ensure the quality and safety of the end product. We would be happy to advise you comprehensively – from stainless steel panel PCs to stainless steel LCDs.
Anyone who relies on long-term planning in industrial computing does not need to make any compromises when it comes to computing power. Because customer-specific configurations with the option of subsequent expansion or retrofitting have been the top priority at TL Electronic for over 35 years. Companies can trust that their proven systems will be sustainable, even in times of constantly growing requirements and increasingly computationally intensive processes. With the current motherboards from Protech, TL Electronic is once again keeping this long-term promise. We are here for you!
The M133K as the current generation of our robust 13.3-inch tablets is 100% designed for industrial use with a wide range of functions. The housing of the ultra rugged tablets is made of a robust magnesium alloy, rubberized all around and IP65 protected. The precise 10-point multi-touch supports the operating modes hand / rain mode, touch pen and glove operation, depending on the purpose. We advise you!
For over 20 years, Winmate Inc. has been one of the world market leaders in the development of groundbreaking, robust industrial PCs, panel PCs, industrial monitors and mobile computing for industries with complex requirements. The company is announcing very interesting new products from its own research and development for the beginning of 2021. TL Electronic is Winmate partner for Germany, Austria and Italy and will shortly inform you which new devices will support the industries from 2021.
This is how you use a perfect combination of robustness and flexibility: Our proven ControlLine Panel PC family in a robust aluminum housing is encapsulated up to degree of protection IP65. The protective housings made of powder-coated aluminum profiles have a modular structure and can be precisely adapted to your needs with an infinite number of options, modifications and extensions. If necessary, the Panel PC unit can be replaced with another - even if the housing is already in place.
Green light for Panel PC, Industrial PC, Industrial tablet etc .: Digital technologies and know-how are decisive in today's working and economic world about the competitiveness and future viability of companies. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the “Digital Now - Investment Funding for SMEs” program so that medium-sized companies can exploit the economic potential of digitization.
Absolute reliability, user-oriented design and 100% industrial suitability - the proven Rugged Tablet M101 family stands for these standards. The M101S offers maximum performance with Intel's Core i5 CPU and the integrated high graphics performance. The fanless M101P with the Intel N4200 CPU is trimmed for absolute efficiency, which compared to its predecessor (Celeron N2930) achieves significantly more performance with lower power consumption. Do You Have Questions? We are glad to be here for you!

5% DISCOUNT on all of our bestsellers!

Benefit from our SPECIAL DEAL: Right now is the perfect time to invest in a future-oriented industrial PC system. Until September 15th, 2020 you will receive a 5% immediate discount on all our bestsellers in the online shop. Bestseller products are provided with a specific price on our website. Ask your contact person right away and let us advise you.
Stefan Götz, managing partner of TL Electronic in the “Mutmacher” interview with the trade journal ElektronikPraxis: "Larger companies have been digitizing their business processes for a long time. Now SMEs are also rethinking their routines and relying on the increased use of data-based processes or machine learning. These possibilities that have been around for years have the advantage that technological dynamism is inevitable for all companies and offers a wealth of unrecognized possibilities. " Click here for the article...
The Intel Core-i CPUs of the 6th, 8th and 9th generation also offer plenty of power reserves for demanding industrial applications and can be delivered immediately within 3 days in all of our industrial PC lines.
Protech's industrial mainboards are long-term available and offer full support for Windows 10. An ideal setting for the 19-inch rack. We would be happy to advise you comprehensively.
For many years and used thousands of times in customer projects with great success, our SlimLine IB70 panel PC series has developed into a true ultima ratio to allow people and machines to interact with each other. Our SlimLine series is fanless, maintenance-free and available with long-term availability. Let us present you the "Look & Feel" and convince yourself of the first-class workmanship and equipment - we are there for you.
Global mega trends such as Industry 4.0, IoT and Smart Factory are transforming the IT and software landscape at breathtaking speed - and embedded systems such as IoT gateways, DIN rail embedded PCs and modular box PCs are at the forefront. Whatever focus your project has - machine data acquisition, big data analytics, cloud computing etc. - TL Electronic supports you with the perfect hardware.
Our stainless steel panel PCs and LCDs with IP65 protection and resistive or multi-touch can also be ordered online in the shop. Starting at 1,365 euros. They are absolutely dustproof and fully protected against dirt and water in accordance with protection class IP65. The perfect choice, especially in companies with high hygienic requirements and stressful cleaning processes. Do you need advice? We are very happy to help you!

IT for healthcare as a complex ecosystem

The most advanced IT has long played a central role in rationalizing healthcare companies and optimizing patient care. An absolutely smooth operation is essential. Our solutions for medical environments range from mobile tablet computers, for example to collect patient data, to products that are used in areas such as kitchens, logistics, etc. We would be happy to advise you comprehensively.
The new M116 series of rugged tablet PCs is more efficient, more brilliant and more mobile than ever. In many areas of application such as storage and logistics, field service, etc., right up to use in vehicles, the ultimate, robust tablets increase the mobile performance enormously. We present them here in a short video, are happy to advise you personally and discuss your requirements.
The new Embedded PC DR2100-P was developed for practical installation on an industry-standard DIN rail TS 35. Fanless 4-core performance (now with Intel Apollo Lake) and an extensive range of interfaces qualify the slim industrial PC as a communication-friendly all-rounder in the control cabinet. We are there for you and advise you comprehensively on an individualized solution that exactly suits you.
The new GS series is here. Elegantly designed and yet heavy-duty HMI panels are designed for user-friendliness with a brilliant, flat screen that combines excellent readability and P-CAP technology and is available in sizes 10.1", 12.1" and 15". We would be happy to advise you on various configuration options.
The corona crisis causes us all to rethink daily life and hygiene measures. From personal hygiene to disinfection and cleaning processes in companies. Now it is more important than ever to keep the environment clean and hygienic. We have put together some tips for you on the correct procedure for disinfecting your touch screens to avoid damage.
The new multitouch HMI and display PT series is here! For example, 15.6-inch screens are perfect for building automation or for POI applications. An additional plus: the extremely low power consumption. The slim, elegantly designed devices made of durable industrial plastic are, as usual, of high quality, long-term availability and offer protection from dust and water on the front. We would be happy to advise you - via chat, telephone, Skype etc.
Whether as a machine control in a harsh industrial environment, as a control unit in intralogistics to the end customer terminal at the point of sale - the 35 different models in the new GC series from TL Electronic open up an enormous range of applications. Basically, two projected capacitive multi-touch versions are offered: as a pure display solution or as a powerful panel PC version. We are happy to advise you - we are still there for you via chat, telephone, Skype etc.
An ideal setting for the 19-inch rack in industrial automation: New 9th generation Intel Core i CPUs offer plenty of power reserves and are now available in all of our industrial PC lines. In addition, there is the long-term quality of Protech industrial mainboards that support Windows 10. Industrial PCs from TL Electronic can be equipped individually and flexibly. More information? Give us a call.


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